About Us

Nixel works on Technology Innovations and Ventures that have global scale and are in the transformational and disruptive areas of Mobile, Cloud, Analytics and Ecommerce.

We research and create technologies, bring products to market, offer cloud infrastructure and solutions, and work closely with startups and technology focussed ventures worldwide.

We create worldwide partnerships for new potential disruptions, solutions and innovations to transform business, retail, education and online media.

The Nixel organization is continuously learning and improving to match steps with the leading edges of technology and applications. Our people are talented and accomplished professionals with worldwide experience and a strong vision of the future. We are passionate about technology and we believe in the positive outcomes of transformation and disruption in business, learning, lifestyles and interactions.


Nixel Products are architected and engineered for the Mobile-Cloud-Analytics revolution. These products address a range of industries, applications and user segments.

Nixel Products support multiple languages, work on a wide range of devices and are designed to address the needs of 90% of the world's users of mobile, tablet and other computing devices. Our innovative Any Device-Any Time-Any Place methodology and software platform enables us to deliver outstanding user experience and performance across the range of devices, display form factors and operating systems.

Nixel works with various partners and companies worldwide to bring advanced technology, implementation and benefits to our customers worldwide.



Nixel Cloud Technology and Infrastructure provide digital infrastructure and hosting services to help customers operate and scale their applications with performance, reliability and flexibility. Our cloud infrastructure serve as digital platforms for:


Nixel works with startups and technology ventures, offering assistance and collaboration in several areas including:
We work with technology ventures that broadly align with our vision:

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